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Introduction: Soundio Review

Hey, I’m G Pall and welcome to my Soundio Review.

Did you ever think you’d be able to make music with artificial intelligence?

That’s right, you read that correctly.

You can now make as much music as you like in any genre and utilize it or sell it to your customers.

Uddhab Pramanik, an ace digital marketer has come up with a new method called “Soundio”. According to him “Soundio is the world’s first artificial intelligence-based music composer and mixer platform, allowing users to create infinite premium music compositions in under 30 seconds. You won’t have to pay for stock music from AudioJungle, Bensound, Shutterstock, iStock, VideoBlocks, or any other website anymore!”

In my Soundio Review, I am going to reveal every aspect “What is Soundio, how does it work, the pricing, the OTOs, pros and cons.” As well as my honest opinion “whether you should buy Soundio or not so that you do not waste your money.

But before diving into it, I’d like to ask you a serious question!

Are you fed up with scams and want to learn about a 100% legitimate approach to making money from home?

Listen, I understand that there are a lot of shoddy programs available that will get you nowhere. The majority of the system is too expensive and a complete waste of money. So it’s completely fine if you’re a little skeptical. I’m so confident that you’ll appreciate the value in this game-changing program that I’ll let you try it out 100% risk-free.

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Now before taking any action on Soundio, you should continue reading to know all the insider details below.

Table of Content: Soundio Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview: Soundio Review
  3. Who Is The Creator Of Soundio?
  4. What is Soundio?
  5. How Does Soundio Work?
  6. Pros and Cons Of Soundio
  7. Is Soundio Worth It?
  8. Soundio Pricing: Front-end, OTOs/Upsells
  9. My Elite Bonus Pack For Soundio
  10. My Opinion: Is Soundio Legit Or Scam?

Overview: Soundio Review

Vendor:Uddhab Pramanik
Product Type:Cloud-Based App
Marketing Niche:Audio
Ease of Use:Very Easy To Use.
Skills:All Level (newbie to expert).
Support:Very Responsive
Refund Policy:30 Days Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:4.5 Out of 5
Verdict:Highly Recommended

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What Is Soundio?

Soundio is the world’s first AI-powered music composer and mixer platform, allowing users to produce unlimited premium music compositions in under 30 seconds.

You will no longer be required to pay for stock music from AudioJungle, Bensound, Shutterstock, iStock, VideoBlocks, or any other source.

They generated $17,975 in just 7 days using Soundio!

Soundio Review

If you are you bored of your project’s background music being the same old thing then you’ll be able to use never-before-heard music tracks thanks to the revolutionary new AI-powered app Soundio.

This is a commercially licensed cloud-based tool for professional music composition. Without any specialized skills, expertise, or learning curve, you can make an evergreen income.

How Does Soundio Work?

Soundio is incredibly simple to use; to create a music track, you only need to follow three simple steps:

  • Step-1: Log in and choose a subject, genre, mood, or category, as well as the track’s length.
  • Step-2: Ai will create original music based on your mood, theme, and category selections.
  • Step-3: With just one click, you may play or download. You can use it yourself or sell it to your clients and retain the profit.

Watch The Demo Video of Soundio

See What Real Users Are Saying About Soundio

Soundio Review

Why Do I recommend Soundio?

Background music is used by the world’s leading video and internet marketers to drive their marketing message and increase online sales.

With a new AI-based app called Soundio, you can now join them and increase your video marketing campaign by 10X.

You may use Soundio to generate high-quality, premium music tracks for your sales videos, explainer videos, demo videos, training videos, welcome/intro videos, podcasts, and more.

Soundio is really simple to use; to create a music track, you only need to follow three simple steps.

There is no need for any special knowledge or experience… With Soundio, you won’t have to spend hours learning how to use it.

Soundio comes with a free business license, allowing you to sell the music tracks to your customers…

And you can start earning an evergreen income without putting in any effort.

The best thing is this:

If you purchase Soundio during the special launch time, you will receive additional bonuses at no additional cost.

However, you must act quickly because the Early Bird offer will expire in a few hours.

Pros and Cons: Soundio Review


  • Cloud-based platform for professional music composition.
  • There are no restrictions – it’s entirely unrestricted.
  • Copyright-free music with no royalties.
  • Get access to millions of high-quality music tracks.
  • Obtain a commercial license.
  • Sell an infinite number of music songs and profit like the big boys.
  • There are no prerequisites in terms of knowledge or experience.
  • Technology for creating music automatically for your projects.
  • One-click downloads indefinitely.
  • Advanced image and video editor built-in.
  • If it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get a $200 refund.


  • No free trial
  • The price will be raised in the near future.
  • I couldn’t think of anything else wrong with this Soundio system.

Is Soundio Worth It?

The possibilities are unlimited with Soundio. This is a fantastic deal; with Soundio, you’ll be able to:

  • Unlimited one-click downloads, with the ability to compose and use background music in videos.
  • Get captivating music in every subject, genre, mood, or category, all made from scratch.
  • Never again will you have to pay for background music.
  • Unique music tracks may make a video 100 times more engaging.
  • There will be no copyright issues in the future.
  • Thousands of high-quality music tracks.
  • Obtain a commercial license.
  • Sell an infinite number of music songs and profit like the big boys.
  • There are no prerequisites in terms of knowledge or experience.
  • Advanced image and video editor built-in.
Look What Are You Getting Today With Soundio:
  • A1-Based Music Generator
  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Unlimited Music Tracks
  • Download Unlimited Saved Music Tracks
  • Millions Of Ready to use Tracks
  • Thousands of Music Categories
  • Royalty-Free Music – No Copyrights
  • In-Built Video & Image Editor
  • High-Quality Downloads
  • Audio Mixer Included
  • Commercial License
  • Monthly Software Updates
  • FREE-Bonus#1: Cashking Pro $197 Value
  • FREE-Bonus#2: Smach The Cash Secrets $297 Value
  • FREE-Bonus#3: 100+ Marketing Emails $1997 Value
  • FREE-Bonus#4: 80% Discount On All Upgrades $97 Value
  • FREE-Bonus#5: 30 Reseller License $197 Value

Just calculate the total value you are getting with Soundio today! It’s really a big deal for you.

Considering all of its features and benefits, I can strongly say, Soundio is worth the time and money you are going to invest in it.

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Soundio Pricing: Front-end, OTOs or Upsells

Note: Discount Coupon Details: ALL TIME/DAYS: SOUND3 ($3 Discount).

Front End: Soundio ($17)

  • Fully Cloud-Based System
  • Unlimited 1- Click Music Generator/Mixer
  • Download Unlimited Music/Tracks 
  • Millions Of Ready To Use Tracks
  • Saved Unlimited Music/Tracks 
  • 20+ Music Categories 
  • Royalty-Free Musics..No Copyrights at all
  • In-Built Video & Image Editor  
  • High-Quality Downloads
  • Social Sharing Feature
  • Audio Mixer Included 
  • Commercial License

OTO-1: Soundio Pro + Unlimited Reseller License: Price: $37

  • All with Pro features
  • Text to speech software
  • Advanced Video Editor 
  • Remove all restrictions and go unlimited  
  • No Watermark

OTO-2: Soundio Agency: Price: $47

  • Personal Admin Panel 
  • Add Unlimited Users 
  • Sell Soundio At Any Price 
  • Limitless Earnings

​OTO-3: Soundio Stock Edition: Price: $37

  • Searchable Membership 
  • 2Million+ HD Stock Images 
  • 1Million+ Ultra HD Stock Videos 
  • 20K+ Vectors 
  • 8000+ HQ Royalty Free Audios
  • Preview Feature
  • Multiple Formats 
  • High-Quality Downloads
  • Unlimited Downloads & Use
  • Social Sharing Feature
  • Inbuilt Image Editor 
  • Commercial License

OTO-4: Soundio Automation: Price: $37

  • All in one marketing suite
  • Automated social media sharing 
  • Full Analytics
  • Outsourcers License

OTO-5: Soundio Whitelabel Edition: Price: $37

Is Soundio Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. Soundio has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are unable to access the software and they fail to help you resolve the issue, when you contact them about it using their support desk/ticket system, they’ll give you 100% of your money back if you ask within 30 days of your purchase.

They don’t offer a no questions asked refund so please provide a genuine reason and show them proof that you did everything they told you to do before asking for a refund.

Refunds are for technical issues only and are only given if they are unable to solve the problem that you reported. Other than that all sales are considered Final.

My Opinion! Is Soundio Legit Or Scam?

My complete Soundio Review has come to an end, and I’d like to thank you to read it all the way through. I attempted to cover every aspect of Soundio.

You can now make as much music as you like in any genre and utilize it or sell it to your customers.

You won’t have to pay for stock music from AudioJungle, Bensound, Shutterstock, iStock, VideoBlocks, or anywhere else.

This is a commercially licensed piece of professional music-creating software that runs on the cloud.

Without any unique skills, expertise, or learning curve, you can make an evergreen income.

After all, for the next 30 days, you have a money-back guarantee! As a result, there is no risk on your part.

I’m assuring you that, Soundio isn’t a Scam. It’s a very Legit program.

Thanks my friend for reading this full Soundio Review. I hope my information, explanation, and opinion about Soundio will help you to decide whether to buy it or not.

If you have any queries in your mind about Soundio or digital marketing, feel free to comment below in this post.

If you find this article helpful then don’t forget to share this post with others.

Talk to you again. Stay focused.

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