How Do I Get Good Traffic To My Blog? 20 Effective Ways

Every company owner who has ever maintained a blog has felt the frustration of attempting to Get Good Traffic. Even though we’d all prefer it if readers merely appeared on their own, the truth is that building an audience requires some effort.

It’s simple to become discouraged and give up on blogging, but once you start reaping the rewards, you’ll see how important it can be for your business in terms of increasing website traffic, cultivating a social media following, and leaving an impression on both potential customers and clients.

Here are 20 tried-and-true tactics to help you grow your blog’s audience and traffic.

1. Write more.

According to studies, the more frequently you update your blog, the more visitors it will get. Google prioritizes websites with new content more highly, so updating your blog at least twice a week can help you stand out to the search engines.

2. Promote with social media.

Share every new blog article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Social media platforms can become some of your top traffic sources if you put effort into growing your networks and sharing excellent content.

3. Write better titles.

Your blog article titles are almost as crucial as the actual content. This is because titles guide potential readers in determining whether to click and continue reading. The article titles you encounter on magazine covers should catch your attention.

4. Know your niche.

Although you might be interested in weight loss, Little League baseball, exotic travel places, or sea life, if your material doesn’t have a consistent topic, your audience won’t understand it. Determine your target audience, the type of material they want to read, and the exact themes you want to get through.

5. Include photos.

According to studies, including photographs in blog posts increases readership. A photo not only improves the post’s visual appeal but also helps your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) by allowing you to add keywords to the image’s Alt Image tag. Keep in mind that you run the risk of breaking copyright laws if you simply download any picture from Google. Find royalty-free pictures instead at a website like Clipart.

6. Incorporate keywords.

Speaking of SEO, keywords form its foundation. Making ensuring that every page on your website has a keyword plan is one of the simplest ways to increase traffic. Decide on one keyword phrase that you think people will use to find each blog post you produce. Then, include that term as part of the page link as well as the post title, page headline, at least two other times within the page’s content, and featured image. Concentrating your keywords can assist Google to comprehend what the website is about, which could ultimately result in more search engine traffic.

7. Incorporate links.

Include a link to the page of the company you are mentioning whenever you discuss their goods or services in a blog article. In addition to the fact that Google prefers outbound links, the business you mention might see your post and link back to you. Additionally, readers like it when you offer resources that make it simpler for them to find the information they need.

8. Add social sharing buttons.

Make sure to include social sharing buttons for Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other major social networks at the top and bottom of your blog entries. Make it simple for readers to share your content.

9. Retweet past content.

The bulk of your fan audience won’t notice your shared link to a fresh blog article the first time because we don’t all check Twitter at the same time. Reiterate what you’ve tweeted, and don’t be shy about sharing older stuff. As long as the information is still applicable, readers don’t care when it was published.

10. Invite guest contributors.

You add extra content to your blog that you did not have to produce yourself when other people post for it. Additionally, those contributors will spread the word about you among their contacts and may even ask you to write for them, expanding your readership opportunities.

11. Add video.

One of the numerous reasons that videos can increase traffic to your website is that Google owns YouTube. Add brief, amusing films to your site to complement the written content there.

12. Invest in the promotion.

If you think your audience is active on Facebook, consider investing in sponsored posts from time to time. You may “Boost” a post and greatly expand its audience for as little as $10.

13. Conduct give-away events.

Establish entertaining theme days, like “Free Book Fridays,” where readers can win prizes by leaving comments or sharing your link on social media. You can provide your own rewards or ask businesses to donate or sponsor these campaigns.

14. Write guest posts.

Find blogs that are read by your intended audience and offer to write guest posts on those blogs. You can expect that readers will want to interact with more of your content if the site has a sizable readership.

15. Cross-promote to your mailing list.

Share the first paragraph from a few recent blog entries and offer a link to continue reading on the site instead of creating whole new content for your email newsletter. This will encourage your subscribers to become active readers of your site because not everyone has the time to read your posts every week.

In addition to the above-mentioned advice, the following clever techniques will also aid in growing readership:

16. Make your content easy to read by using plenty of subheads, bullets and numbered lists.

17. Promote your blog in your email signature and your bio in any online profiles.

18. Make it easy for blog visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed.

19. Invite readers to leave a comment, then respond and let them know you’re engaged.

20. Finally, have fun with your blog. If it feels like drudgery, your readers will notice. But if you enjoy producing the content, that will come across and have a tremendous impact on your success.

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