CompeteUp Review – ⚠️ Really Works? ? Deep Dive [Karthik Ramani]

CompeteUp Review
CompeteUp Review

CompeteUp is a Stupid-Simple Contest App That Brings You HYPER ENGAGING CUSTOMERS That Are HOT AND READY To Buy Your Products And Services! You may have heard something like this. But is it real or fake? At this moment you badly need to know about this software before buying it. So welcome to my CompeteUp Review and discover the insider secret of it. In this CompeteUp Review, I’m going to disclose everything about it. You just need to keep reading this review till the end. I hope my CompeteUp Review will help you decide whether to buy it or not.

Who Am I? My Purpose To Review

I am G. Pall and have been doing Internet marketing since 2014. In this long period, I have seen and used a lot of make money online courses and tools. I’ve spent more than 10k dollars on the online platform. Some have worked and the rest was wasted. I think everyone should get an accurate assessment of the money they have spent. So I decide to review digital products and tools to help you use them. At the same time, I’m buying digital products and marketing tools continuously and using them. As a beta tester, I assure you to get real user opinions. So that you can take advantage of your hard-earned money.

At this moment, I’m an independent Online Entrepreneur and 6-Figure affiliate marketer.
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At the end of 2020, I’ve joined an Entrepreneurship Educational Platform that amazingly changed every aspect of my life. Most importantly, it helps me to make $1000/day from affiliate marketing…

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Index of CompeteUp Review

  1. Product At A Glance
  2. What is CompeteUp?
  3. What CompeteUp Offers You?
  4. Does CompeteUp Really Work?
  5. How Much Does CompeteUp Cost?
  6. Does CompeteUp Have A Refund Policy?
  7. Pros and Cons Of CompeteUp
  8. Is CompeteUp Worth It?
  9. Can You Make Money With CompeteUp?
  10. My Final Opinion
  11. Conclusion

Product At A Glance – CompeteUp Review

Vendor:Karthik Ramani
Launch Date:2021-Apr-30
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Price:$37 (Frontend)
Upsell:Yes. 3 Upsells with 3 Downsells
Marketing Niche:Software
Skills:No need for prior skills or coding knowledge
Support:Highly Responsive
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee
How To Buy:Get It From Official Website

What is CompeteUp?

CompeteUp is a cloud-based contest software that allows its players to earn points, badges and rewards and will build you a massive email list at the same time that you will use to make profits selling your products and services.

What CompeteUp Offers You?

CompeteUp has come to offers you something very special that you never think of. If offers…

  • High converting contest page gets upwards of 83% of your visitors to optin
  • One-click point set to determine when your badge is issued dashboard and paste your changed text — it even saves your old projects!)
  • Automatically link to your favorite autoresponder to build a HUGE LIST!
  • gamification (points, badges and rewards)
  • Excite your members by running a HUGE contest with prizes (points or entries)
  • Very simple intuitive prize gallery that is displayed inside of the app
  • Run an instant rewards contest where EVERYBODY WINS! (they all unlock rewards)
  • Players will now see a beautiful built in rewards gallery
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Does CompeteUp Really Work?

CompeteUp is a stupid simple creation that actually Brings You HYPER ENGAGING CUSTOMERS That Are HOT AND READY To Buy Your Products And Services.


There Are 2 Contest Types That You Can Choose From…

Contest Type-1: Instant Rewards
Contest Type-2: Overall Prize Contest

The Whole process works in 5 phases:

Phase-#1: The user is presented with a grand prize and instant rewards.
Phase-#2: The user then signs up for the contest.
Phase-#3: That signup now becomes a player.
Phase-#2: They are also out there making your contest (ultimately your offer) go viral!
Phase-#2: They earn the Points, are issued the Badge and their Reword is issued to them instantly.

You Take Two Minutes Each Month To Create A Simple Drag n Drop Contest That Brings In Leads While You Sleep! Without…

  • Having To Pay For Ads!
  • Having To Do SEO!
  • Needing Affiliates!
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How Much Does CompeteUp Cost?

Here get all the price details of CompeteUp.

1. Front End: CompeteUp Commercial – $37 (Check Out Here)

Inside You’ll Get:

  • Create upto – 500 contest campaigns
  • 10000 Contest Participants
  • 7 Contest Entry types
  • 25 DFY Templates
  • Giveaway Prize for the contest winners
  • Engage with Instant Rewards
  • Ability to add Banners in the contest
  • Offer Badges to Gamify
  • Reorder badges on need basis
  • Ability to add video in the contest
  • Ability to sign up with FB and Gmail login
  • Major Autoresponder Integration
  • Webinar Integration
  • Ability to add retargeting codes
  • Everlesson and LCS API integrations
  • Ability to export Contest Participants
  • Live Leaderboard of the contest participants
  • Ability to export data entries of the contest
  • FB share settings
  • Meta Settings
  • Own domain custom branding on the Contest
  • Email Notifications for sign up and rewards redeemed
  • SMTP integration
  • Contest Analytics
  • Language customization based on the preference

2. OTO-1: Competeup Platinum – $77 (Check Out Here)

Inside You’ll Get:

  • Unlimited contest campaigns
  • Unlimited contest participants
  • Additional 50 DFY templates
  • Additional 4 contest entry types
  • Advanced list segmentation based on the reward
  • Ability to add banner slider
  • Live giveaway hosted url for viral share
  • Ability to generate contest popup script
  • Ability to generate contest embed code
  • Sign up page CTA – Banner video
  • Ability to override reward images
  • Admin email notification – For new lead
  • Ability to Clone contest

3. OTO-2: Competeup Agency – $147 (Check Out Here)

Inside You’ll Get:

  • Agency access
  • Ability to create and manage unlimited clients
  • Custom Branding on the client’s dashboard
  • Done for you Agency website
  • DFY sales videos to sell viral contest as a service
  • 5x FB ads for the service
  • 5 email swipes
  • 5-DFY Fiverr Gigs to sell store reward and gift cards as services
  • DFY phone scripts

3. OTO-3: Competeup Whitelabel – $247 (Check Out Here)

Inside You’ll Get:

  • Sell 100 Comepetup (FE + Platinum) access in their own branding
  • Sell 250 Comepetup (FE + Platinum) access in their own branding

4. Competeup Bundle Offer – $247 (Check Out Here)

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Bonuses From The Vendor!

They’re hosting a Free Workshop where you get Your CompeteUp Campaign Setup! This Class Will Ve Hosted By Mr. Gamification Himself Chad Nicely (He’s Going To Reveal EXACTLY How To Get Your Campaign Setup).

#1-You’ll learn how to build your rewards library
#2-You’ll discover how to find and load your badge library
#3-You’re going to set up your contest page live on the call
#4-You’re also going to set up an instant rewards contest (So that everybody wins)
#5-You’ll also set up your overall points contest so that people are EXCITED about registering for your contest
#6-Finally, he will show you how to have the leads go directly into your autoresponder

And There are Some Other Surprises In That Workshop As Well!

You Get Access To The Workshop When You Purchase Competeup Today! ($297 Value)

Bonuses From Me!

Buying something from Pall-Review site means more Benefits! So when you purchase CompeteUp software through the link on this page, I’m going to give you some Exclusive bonuses!

Just send me an email at ( with your purchase receipt. I’ll send you $5000 worth of bonuses within 24 hours!

Does CompeteUp Have A Refund Policy?

Yes! You’re Getting Their Ironclad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

They offer a NO QUESTIONS-asked 30-day Money Back Guarantee for ANY REASON! Try out the software for 30 days and if you find that you CAN’T HANDLE the flood of subscribers that are hitting your autoresponder then you’ll get every cent back. Try out the software and if you just can’t handle knowing that this is the HOLY GRAIL of all Contest Software then drop them an email and they will refund you 100%. Trust them, they got your back ;).

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Pros and Cons Of CompeteUp



-CompeteUp INSTANTLY Build A List Of Raving Fans

-No More Trying To Figure Out How To Make Ads Work!

You Won’t Have To Figure Out How To Drive Traffic!


No Reason To Connect Multiple Systems

-Don’t Ever Worry About Conversions Ever Again!

-I don’t find anything wrong with this software

Is CompeteUp Worth It?

This is the most valuable question before buying CompeteUp. Because if CompeteUp doesn’t work properly or doesn’t produce results as opposed to price, it won’t worth buying. So we should be careful about these topics before buying anything.

My research on CompeteUp’s value and function says that it is worth buying. The price of CompeteUp has been accurately determined as the type of work. Moreover, the done-for-you templates that have been given are much more valuable than the money. On the other hand, the Vendor has given some bonuses which are really effective. Even then, if you think you should get more out of this investment, the bonuses I give you will fill your mind. Because the bonuses I announced are worth about $5000. Everything you get by buying CompeteUp now. If you want to buy these bonuses from outside, you have to spend at least 5-7 thousand dollars.

So I assure you that buying CompeteUp will be the right decision and it’s actually worth the money.

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Can You Make Money With CompeteUp?

CompeteUp Lets You SIMPLE LITTLE Contests That Everybody Loves While Spreading The Word About Your Products And Services At The Same Time!

You’ll discover a simple 2-minute process with the software that allows you to build a MASSIVE list of HUNGRY buyers that are anxiously waiting to hear from you! Its training module teaches you how to do it WITHOUT spending money on ads, doing SEO, or having to deal with complicated, clunky apps.

I’m telling you… you follow its simple 2-minute process and you will have one of the HIGHEST OPTIN pages in the business! You’ll be able to KILL all those other squeeze pages! The only thing they are squeezing is your wallet each and every month with their outrageous fees!

You would have leads rolling in on autopilot through your contests that you run (You can even leave them evergreen with “Instant Rewards”.

​Your subscribers would LOVE you because you are engaging them with points, badges and rewards.
​You would be making MORE MONEY in your business because with this HIGH-QUALITY lead rolling in you would have actual buyers that want to BUY your products and services.

So grab your piece of this lucrative pie today and start profiting!

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My Final Opinion?

Now you have come to the end of my CompeteUp Review. I have explained all the ins and outs of CompeteUp. I hope you better understand all about it. If you are a massive profits hunter and trying to build buyer email list who are ready to buy from you, CompeteUp is a must need. Because you won’t get such huge features from any other software out there or at this low one-time price. So right now it’s a big deal.

Now it’s decision time. As soon as you make the buying decision, it will be more beneficial. Because for a limited time they offering a big discount on CompeteUp. But it can be close anytime. I don’t want you to pay more for CompeteUp. So grab it as soon as possible.

What Are You Waiting For_ Grab Your Copy Right Now

Conclusion: CompeteUp Review

Thanks for reading my full CompeteUp Review. I hope now there is no more maze to make a decision on taking action about CompeteUp. Finally, your own precious decision is appreciated.

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