AWeber Crash Course 4.0 Review [OTO & Bonus Details] Worth It?

My Honest AWeber Crash Course 4.0 Review

Hey! This is G. Pall.

When it comes to email marketing, there’s no denying that AWeber is an industry titan, and after taking the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 by Jupiter Jim, I can confidently say that my email marketing game has reached a whole new level. This comprehensive course, spanning over 3 hours of top-notch, professional training, has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to become an AWeber authority and greatly enhance my reputation in the online marketing space.

One of the most appealing aspects of this course is the thorough coverage of AWeber, a platform that has been a cornerstone of email marketing for over 20 years. With over 100,000 users and growing, AWeber’s influence cannot be underestimated. Learning from a course that centers around such a widely-used and respected platform has truly set me up for success.

The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 provides an in-depth look at setting up email lists, creating opt-in forms, and crafting engaging email templates that establish your brand and convert like never before. I was particularly impressed with the section on AWeber Campaigns, where I learned how to use tagging to trigger automated campaigns, allowing me to build strong relationships with my subscribers and increase engagement.

Jupiter Jim’s teaching style is fantastic, and I found myself fully engaged throughout the course. His step-by-step guidance and over-the-shoulder video tutorials make the learning experience seamless and enjoyable. Even as an intermediate AWeber user, I picked up powerful new tips and tricks that have significantly enhanced my email marketing strategy.

One of the biggest advantages of this course is the inclusion of minute-by-minute video transcripts and printable checklists for each tutorial. This resourceful addition makes it easy to review specific sections without having to re-watch the entire video, allowing me to implement the teachings efficiently.

Furthermore, the course comes with a Done-for-You Professional Sales Page, high-quality graphics, and professionally written email swipes. These valuable assets have made reselling the course with PLR rights an absolute breeze. I’m now able to offer this fantastic course to others, keep 100% of the profits, and boost my income while providing immense value to my customers.

In addition to the AWeber Crash Course 4.0, Jupiter Jim provides three amazing Fast Start Bonuses. The “Lead Magnet Crash Course” and “NO COST Opt-in Funnel Crash Course” have been game-changers for me. Learning how to create effective lead magnets and build my list without needing a website has opened up new possibilities for my marketing efforts.

After taking the course, I can wholeheartedly confirm the statistics provided about email marketing’s effectiveness. With billions of people using email daily and its high ROI of $38 for every $1 spent, it’s evident that email marketing is a powerful tool for any online marketer.

To sum it up, the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 has exceeded my expectations in every way. I feel confident in my ability to maximize the potential of AWeber, and I’m excited to watch my email list grow and my online business flourish.

As a special bonus, I’m offering an exclusive bonus pack to anyone who purchases the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 through my referral link. When you buy this course, you will also receive advanced strategies and tactics to take your email marketing to the next level. Additionally, you will get access to a private Q&A session with me, where I’ll answer any questions and provide personalized advice to help you achieve your email marketing goals.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 to anyone looking to become an AWeber authority and master the art of email marketing. Jupiter Jim has truly outdone himself with this exceptional course, and with my exclusive bonus pack, you’ll have everything you need to propel your online success to new heights. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

AWeber Crash Course 4.0 Review: Overview

Vendor:Jupiter Jim
Product Name:AWeber Crash Course 4.0
Product Type:Training Course
Discount/Coupon:Check Out Here
Marketing Niche:Email Marketing
Ease of Use:Very Easy To Use.
Skills:All Levels (newbie to expert).
Support:Very Responsive
Refund Policy:30 Days Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:4.7 Out of 5
Verdict:I Highly Recommend Buying This Course

What Is AWeber Crash Course 4.0?

The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is an industry-leading training program focused on mastering the AWeber email marketing platform for list-building and autoresponder needs. With over 20 years of industry presence, AWeber remains an industry standard and has gained even more popularity with the availability of no-cost lifetime accounts. This comprehensive course equips learners with the knowledge and skills to make the most of AWeber, boost profits from existing email lists, and attract new subscribers. As a bonus, learners receive three valuable bonuses, and the course comes with Unrestricted PLR Rights, allowing them to resell and keep all profits. The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is a must-have resource for becoming an authority in list building, email marketing, and AWeber, driving success in online marketing.

How Does AWeber Crash Course 4.0 Work?

The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is a comprehensive online training program designed to transform learners into experts in utilizing the powerful AWeber email list-building software. With AWeber being a leading program in the industry for over 20 years, this course offers step-by-step guidance on setting up and maximizing its usage, allowing learners to tap into its potential for successful email marketing.

  • Step 1: Access the Course Upon enrolling in the AWeber Crash Course 4.0, learners gain access to a dedicated online platform where all the course materials are hosted. This user-friendly platform ensures that learners can easily navigate through the content and track their progress.
  • Step 2: Dive into In-Depth Video Tutorials The heart of the course consists of seven in-depth video tutorials, each focusing on a specific aspect of AWeber. Jupiter Jim, the course creator, personally guides learners through these tutorials. From the basics to advanced techniques, these videos cover a range of topics to ensure a comprehensive understanding of AWeber.
  • Step 3: Creating Email Lists and Opt-In Forms The first module introduces learners to the proper way of setting up email lists in AWeber. Jupiter Jim demonstrates creating the ‘Thank You’ page and ‘Confirmation Success’ page (download page) in a WordPress website, and guides learners on where to paste the links in AWeber. Creating eye-catching opt-in forms is also covered, enabling learners to effectively capture email addresses from potential subscribers.
  • Step 4: Using Templates and Broadcast Messages In this module, learners discover the diverse range of email templates available in AWeber, including business, professional, seasonal, and special occasion templates. Jupiter Jim demonstrates how to use AWeber’s extensive library of royalty-free images or upload custom images for more personalized messages. Learners also learn how to create broadcast messages to be sent to thousands of subscribers at once.
  • Step 5: Mastering AWeber Campaigns Learners gain an in-depth understanding of AWeber’s campaign feature, a powerful replacement for the legacy autoresponder series. Jupiter Jim guides learners through the process of creating and triggering campaigns based on subscriber actions, ensuring personalized and engaging communication with their audience.
  • Step 6: Designing Customized Opt-In and Landing Pages This module covers AWeber’s newly added feature, which allows learners to create professional-looking landing pages and opt-in pages without the need for external websites. Learners can choose from various templates, and Jupiter Jim shows them how to customize the pages to attract more subscribers effectively.
  • Step 7: Add Animated GIFs to Emails Jupiter Jim shares the value of using animated GIFs in emails to increase click-through and conversion rates. Learners learn where to find free, high-quality GIFs with unrestricted user rights to add to their email marketing campaigns.
  • Step 8: Utilizing Complete Video Transcripts and Checklists The course provides minute-by-minute transcripts of each video tutorial, making it easy for learners to review specific sections without re-watching the entire video. Printable checklists accompany each tutorial, ensuring that learners never miss a step while implementing AWeber templates and campaigns.
  • Step 9: Embrace the Benefits of AWeber Throughout the course, learners discover the significant benefits of AWeber for email marketing. With its evergreen status and an impressive user base of over 100,000, AWeber remains an industry standard. The course emphasizes how email marketing through AWeber is highly profitable, with a remarkable return on investment.
  • Step 10: Profit with PLR Resell Rights One of the most exciting features of the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is the inclusion of Unrestricted PLR Resell Rights. Learners can resell the course, brand it as their own, and keep 100% of the profits from every sale. This opens up opportunities to generate income and establish themselves as AWeber authorities.

By completing the AWeber Crash Course 4.0, learners gain the expertise and confidence to maximize AWeber’s potential, increase subscriber numbers, and drive higher revenue from their email lists. Whether they are beginners or experienced AWeber users, this course offers valuable strategies and insights to thrive in the field of online marketing using AWeber.

Features And Benefits of AWeber Crash Course 4.0


The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is packed with a range of powerful features that make it a comprehensive and valuable resource for anyone looking to master AWeber and boost their email marketing success.

  1. Complete AWeber Video Course: The course includes over 3 hours of top-notch, professional training. Through easy-to-follow video tutorials, Jupiter Jim takes learners on a step-by-step journey to understand and utilize AWeber to its fullest potential.
  2. Minute-by-Minute Transcripts: Learners receive complete minute-by-minute transcripts of each video tutorial. These transcripts serve as valuable reference materials, allowing users to review specific sections without having to re-watch the entire video. This feature enhances the learning experience and makes it easier to implement the strategies taught in the course.
  3. Printable Checklists: For every video, users receive printable checklists that ensure no crucial steps are missed while creating AWeber templates, campaigns, and more. These checklists act as a handy guide, helping learners stay organized and systematic throughout their AWeber journey.
  4. Done-for-You Professional Sales Page: Reselling the course is made effortless with a complete Done-for-You Professional Sales Page. Learners can put their names on the course and sell it with Private Label Rights (PLR), keeping 100% of the profits from every sale. The sales page is expertly designed to entice potential buyers and boost conversion rates.
  5. High-Quality Professional Sales Graphics: Eye-catching and high-quality sales graphics are provided, enhancing the visual appeal of the sales page and capturing the attention of potential customers. These graphics give the sales page a polished and professional look, elevating the perceived value of the course.
  6. Professionally Written Email Swipes: Jupiter Jim provides Done-for-You professionally written email swipes that are ready to be sent out to the learner’s email list. These swipes are expertly crafted to generate product sales immediately, ensuring that learners can capitalize on their list and monetize their audience effectively.
  7. High-Quality Lead Magnet: The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 includes a high-quality lead magnet, the same one that Jupiter Jim uses. This lead magnet serves as a powerful tool to start building the learner’s email list right away. By offering valuable content, learners can attract targeted subscribers and kickstart their list-building efforts.
  8. Unrestricted PLR Resell Rights: Learners receive Unrestricted PLR Resell Rights to both the “AWeber Crash Course” and “The Opt-in Funnel Crash Course.” This means they can legally and ethically sell these courses with PLR rights at any price they choose, as many times as they want, and retain 100% of the profits from every sale. This feature offers an incredible opportunity to create an additional income stream and establish themselves as experts in the field.

In conclusion, the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is an all-inclusive package that empowers learners with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in AWeber and enhance their email marketing endeavors. From in-depth video tutorials and minute-by-minute transcripts to checklists and a professionally designed sales page, this course is carefully crafted to provide a seamless and comprehensive learning experience. The addition of high-quality sales graphics, ready-to-use email swipes, and a valuable lead magnet further enhance the course’s value. And with Unrestricted PLR Resell Rights, learners have the unique opportunity to generate income by reselling the course and establishing themselves as AWeber authorities. Overall, the features of the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 make it an essential resource for anyone seeking to take their email marketing success to new heights.

  1. Keep 100% of Profits: One of the most enticing benefits of the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is the opportunity to resell the course with Private Label Rights (PLR). By putting my name on the course and selling it to others, I can keep 100% of the profits from every sale. This opens up an exciting income stream without the need to create my own content from scratch.
  2. Evergreen Course: AWeber has stood the test of time, being a prominent player in the email marketing industry for over 20 years. The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is built around this evergreen platform, ensuring that the knowledge and strategies shared in the course will remain relevant and valuable for years to come. Investing in this course means acquiring timeless skills that won’t go out of style.
  3. Sell Your Services: With the comprehensive knowledge gained from the AWeber Crash Course 4.0, I’ll have the expertise to offer AWeber setup services to clients. This opens up a lucrative opportunity to charge premium rates ranging from $50 to $100 per hour. As more businesses seek to maximize their email marketing efforts, there will always be a demand for skilled professionals who can set up and optimize AWeber for them.
  4. Use AWeber Like a Pro: For anyone who has struggled to utilize AWeber to its full potential, this course is a game-changer. By following Jupiter Jim’s step-by-step guidance, I will no longer be stuck using only the basic features. Instead, I’ll master the platform and unleash its power, allowing me to connect with my audience more effectively and achieve better results.
  5. Increase Opt-in Rates: One of the key elements of successful email marketing is building a quality subscriber list. The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 teaches how to create custom sign-up forms that resonate with visitors and encourage them to willingly share their email addresses. By offering visually appealing and compelling opt-in forms, I can significantly increase my opt-in rates and grow my list with engaged and interested subscribers.
  6. Increase Email Sales: Effective email templates play a crucial role in converting subscribers into customers. This course will show me how to craft custom email templates that establish my brand identity and effectively communicate my message without sounding salesy. By creating engaging and personalized content, I’ll be able to increase email sales and build stronger relationships with my audience.
  7. Master Campaigns: The AWeber Crash Course 4.0 covers AWeber Campaigns in detail, making it easy to set up and manage automated email sequences triggered by specific actions. Learning how to use tagging effectively will allow me to create targeted campaigns that nurture leads and convert prospects into loyal customers. These automated campaigns will save time and effort while driving better results.
  8. Use with WordPress: As a website owner using WordPress, integrating AWeber effectively is crucial for seamless email marketing. This course provides clear instructions on how to easily integrate AWeber with WordPress, ensuring that my email marketing efforts are seamlessly integrated with my website. This integration enhances the overall user experience and streamlines my marketing efforts.

In conclusion, the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 offers a plethora of benefits that will significantly enhance my email marketing expertise. From the potential to generate income by reselling the course with PLR rights to gaining mastery over AWeber and offering my services to clients, this course opens up exciting opportunities for growth and success. By crafting custom sign-up forms, optimizing email templates, and mastering AWeber Campaigns, I can increase my opt-in rates, boost email sales, and build stronger connections with my audience. Moreover, the course’s focus on AWeber’s longevity ensures that the knowledge gained will remain valuable in the ever-changing digital landscape. With the ability to seamlessly integrate AWeber with WordPress, I can create a cohesive and effective email marketing strategy to take my online business to new heights. Overall, the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is a must-have for anyone looking to thrive in the world of email marketing.

AWeber Crash Course 4.0 Pricing:
Front-end, OTOs And Coupons Details

Front End: AWEBER CRASH COURSE 4.0 [$10]

Put Your Name on this Course with Unrestricted PLR Rights and Sell it as Your Own. Quickly Become an AWeber Authority and Start Making Real Money with Your List! Learn Step-by-Step from an AWeber Expert and Master this Popular Email List-Building Software. Become an Authority in Online Marketing with AWeber, Trusted by Industry Leaders. Done-for-You Course and Sales Page Included. Learn Tips and Tricks to Boost Subscribers and Maximize Profits from Your Existing List.

OTO1: AWeber Crash Course 4.0 Advanced ($17)

Take Your Expertise to the Next Level with the Advanced AWeber Crash Course 4.0. Increase Profits and Accelerate List Growth. Put Your Name on this Advanced Course with Unrestricted PLR Rights and Sell it as Your Own. Master AWeber Step-by-Step and Become an Authority in Email List-Building. Done-for-You Course and Sales Page Included. Learn Exclusive Tips to Boost Subscribers and Maximize Profits from Your List. Unleash the Power of Unrestricted PLR Rights for Reselling Opportunities.

OTO2: – Email Marketing Mastery ($17)

Unlock the Secrets of Email Marketing with Email Marketing Mastery Ebook. Put Your Name on this Ebook with PLR Rights and Keep 100% Profits on Each Sale. Learn Top-Notch Strategies to Become a Highly Effective Email Marketer and Maximize Your List’s Potential. Master Email Marketing in 2023 and Establish Yourself as an Authority in Online Marketing. Done-for-You Ebook Text and Graphics Included. Discover Tips and Tricks to Boost Subscribers and Maximize Email Marketing Success. Leverage PLR Resell Rights for Endless Selling Opportunities or Use as a FREE Lead Magnet to Build Your Email List Quickly.

OTO3: Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Club 10-Year Membership ($199)

Become a VIP Founding Member of Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Club. Access Thousands of Dollars Worth of Professional Training Courses Instantly. Unlock the Secrets to Online Marketing Success. Enjoy 60+ Online Marketing Training Courses for Personal Growth. Receive a New Training Course Every Month. Don’t Miss Your ONLY Chance for a 10 Year Membership!

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My Final Opinion: AWeber Crash Course 4.0 Review

So are you ready to take your online marketing game to new heights? Look no further than the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 by Jupiter Jim! This comprehensive training program is a game-changer for anyone seeking to master the art of list building and email marketing with the renowned AWeber platform.

As soon as I delved into this course, I was blown away by the depth and clarity of the content. Jupiter Jim’s expertise shines through every step of the way as he walks you through setting up and maximizing AWeber’s powerful features. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with email marketing, this course caters to all levels of expertise, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to boost their email marketing skills.

The step-by-step video tutorials are a true gem, providing over 3 hours of top-notch training. I was particularly impressed with the minute-by-minute transcripts and checklists for each video, ensuring that I never miss a beat while creating AWeber templates and campaigns. Everything is designed for ease of understanding and implementation, making it a breeze to follow along and apply the knowledge in real-world scenarios.

One standout aspect of the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 is its versatility. Whether you’re looking to enhance your own email marketing efforts or embark on a new venture as an AWeber expert for clients, this course equips you for success. The potential to charge $50 to $100 an hour to set up AWeber for clients is a fantastic opportunity to turn your newfound skills into a lucrative side-hustle or full-time income.

Moreover, the inclusion of Unrestricted PLR Rights adds tremendous value to the package. You can now sell this course with your name on it, claim it as your own, and keep 100% of the profits with each sale. It’s a fantastic way to not only enhance your reputation but also generate revenue from your newfound expertise.

In addition to the AWeber Crash Course 4.0, I also explored the enticing OTOs. The Advanced AWeber Crash Course 4.0 takes things up a notch, and the Email Marketing Mastery Ebook is an excellent resource to further sharpen your email marketing skills. I couldn’t resist becoming a VIP Founding Member of Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Club with the 10-Year Membership, granting me access to an array of high-quality training courses that will undoubtedly propel my online marketing journey.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 by Jupiter Jim to anyone serious about harnessing the full potential of AWeber and taking their email marketing efforts to unprecedented heights. From mastering AWeber’s features to building a profitable list and becoming an authority in the industry, this course has it all. I’m truly grateful for the invaluable knowledge gained, and I’m excited to see how it transforms my online marketing success.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to seize the AWeber Crash Course 4.0 and unlock the doors to a world of email marketing excellence. Trust me; it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Get started today and watch your email marketing prowess soar!

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